The spiritual sky is calling, version originale | Rat Holes

The spiritual sky is calling, version originale

Purushamedha: Lessons with His Holiness Sri Sankarsana Das Goswami is a book concerning Gaudiya (Bengali) Vaisnavism that many mainstream members within that particular sampradaya (spiritual lineage or more specifically, chain of disciplic succession) would consider to be “sahijaya” or heretical in the extreme. Though cursory examination would seem to indicate that the subject matter is of a highly volatile nature (as indicated by the title – Purushamedha – which literally translates as “human sacrifice” from the Sanskrit), the disciples and […]

Interview de Martinet Press | Rat Holes 1

Interview with Martinet Press

Voici la version originale de l’interview réalisée par Absentia de Martinet Press. La traduction française se trouve ici : Interview de Martinet Press. * 1) Could you present Martinet Press to our readers? Martinet Press was founded in 2014, as a joint initiative between a small group of LHP occultists based in the UK and North America. We’re all professionals and initiates from different backgrounds, but we find a certain unity in a shared understanding of the darker nature of […]

Interview with Vexior / Shamaatae | Rat Holes

Interview with Vexior / Shamaatae

Voici la version originale de l’interview de Vexior réalisée par l’éditeur Fall of the Man à l’occasion de la sortie de l’ouvrage Gullveigarbók. Comme elle n’est plus disponible sur le site des éditions, nous la reproduisons ici. Une traduction de cette interview effectuée par Absentia se trouve par ici : Interview de Vexior / Shamaatae. * Vexior has been burning the Veil with the Black Flame of knowledge for over twenty years. His first book, PanParadox, placed him among the most promising new […]