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Interview with Lament, Version Originale

Consisting of only one but talented member, the band of Funeral Doom / DSBM Lament, founded on July 1st (Anno Satanae 2015), is about to release its first album: Suicide Eve. Marek agreed to answer questions from Rat Holes editors.


Hello Marek, and thanks for accepting this interview. As a start, could you say some words about your musical pathway?

Hello, that’s me who should be grateful for the offer of this interview. My path in the means of music began in 2012 when I took up playing guitar and doing vocals for gothic metal tracks. Since then it evolved much, as you might expect and infer considering this project. I discovered many great bands and dug deeper into those I had known before, which led me to the present state of things. In a few words – constant development, which after all happens to occur all the time, doesn’t it?

What musical instruments do you play ? And what is your favorite mean of expression ?

I play guitars, bass, piano, drums a bit, I also do vocals. And to pick the favorite.. Guitar plus vocals seem to be the most appreciated by me, when playing – and that’s the reason why I mostly do them.

What drove the creation of Lament?

The creation of Lament was a manifesto for me. A sole act of tearing off world’s colorful, but illusoric image – done on my own, pure incarnation of thoughts on its atrocity. Contemplating the inevitability of death – a vogue topic which has been the source of inspiration for many – I am trying to find tranquility and beauty in it, and Lament is one of the ways to do it – so to speak – like enjoying lethal waltz with death being mindful of unavoidable end, when the music stops. (laugh)

Would you rather say your art is a way to conjure the Death / the Darkness or a way to make them attractive ? A catharsis or a hymn of praise ? 

Both, I’d say. One shouldn’t be afraid of death and by consorting with it one should accept it not as the end – but rather as going beyond the boundaries.

Except the death itself, which topics are tackled in the lyrics? And why this title Suicide Eve?

Lyrics describe my personal insight into life – considering depression, hate, suffering. But they also refer to a specific perception of life, like many philosophies fading into each other to form the mirror you watch the world in. That’s a personal ideology, really hard to explain.

Then, when it comes to the title.. I consider suicide as one’s own decision to proceed, crossing the border of unknown, the gnosis. Eve corresponds to the day before – but every day is nothing but another short moment in life. So one may interpretate Suicide Eve as the state of mind just before death – but also just before a great release – the fear of and the longing for something beautiful, yet uncertain.

I see. This freezing time just before the bullet pierces the skull. Do you think this moment between two breaths (or just before the last) is a metaphor for the music, that is itself deeply related to time, both as a flow and as a suspension – without forgetting the silence between the notes. And, once again, it is the time the enemy or an ally? Is music a reprieve or a gate to the silence?

It unarguably is. The fact, that music is bound to time, casts a lot of light, oh irony, on its use as a mean of art. It may be a metaphor both for whole one’s life or a short moment from it. The flow of time has both positive and negative effects, so I don’t think we can unambiguously define time as an ally or enemy. Music seems to be a reprieve from silence when you need it to be, and the gate to silence when you want to embrace the silence itself – just because it is more challenging, listening to music can be a good preparation to do so.

Lament03Unavoidable question: What are your favourite references and influences (musically and other)?

I am glad you asked it (laugh). I took up creating music because of Dissection’s legacy. The very first song I learned was Night’s Blood – while listening to it I felt like being in the epicentre of ‘storm of the light’s bane’ – pure, freezing nightly atmosphere. Portugese Moonspell was also the one that influenced me a lot, especially with the lyrics. Frederic Chopin and Ludwig v. Beethoven were the ones, whose classical music inspired me a lot during lone walks. Some other are Funeral Tears – for getting me into funeral doom genre (I really recommend it for contemplations), Deathstars and Type O Negative – for the atmosphere, Saturnus and Doom:VS – for great melodic doom, Tiamat… There are many more of course, featuring such composers as Tchaikovsky, Schostakovich, but to mention all of them I’d spend a century, at least.

Apart from musical influences – I find myself familiar with approaches and ideologies represented by F. Nietzche, A. Schopenhauer and, of course, with Chaosophy.

A quotation you especially love by Nietzche, Schopenhauer or Frater Nemidial ?

« Without music life would be a mistake. »… Just kidding. The right one is « When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you. » Perfect reference to Chaosophy by Nietzche..

For a quotation by Frater Nemidal I’d just refer to whole Reinkaos and Liber Azerate. Picking by myself one or two sentences would appear to me as showing disrespect to him and his work.

What’s the atmosphere in which you compose your music ? Do you isolate yourself from the world and its whirl? Do you listen to music? Silence?…

The creative process behind composing, whether it is music/text/paintings, is constant. I do listen to music almost all the time, but there are periods I love silence. Then, I go for a calm, long walk, in rain or fog if it is possible to let the feeling grow. After coming back and usually carrying out short meditation, I isolate myself and begin to write until I am satisfied with the outcome.

How has the record gone?  Could you say some words about the cover-art?

The record was carried out partially in my home studio, where I have also done the mastering, and in my friend’s place, where parts of drums were recorded. I’ve faced some problems, mainly technical and during the several days of recording vocals my throat went bad, which was the reason of postponing the release. I just didn’t want to release Suicide Eve until its sound perfectly fits to what I expect.

Speaking about the cover art – I was not sure what should be the graphic representation of the album, I had been looking for it for a long time, but immediately when I came across this particular photo I thought it would fit the atmosphere perfectly.


I fully agree. The art-cover is really nice and reflects perfectly the atmosphere of your music. To come back to subject of death, you wrote somewhere : « Basically I wish to reflect the state of being aware of the void, not only referring to the depression itself, but also to ideological and philosophical matter ». Could you please digress on this idea?

As I mentioned before, I try to merge personal approach with the pursuit of dark, unspoilt beauty – the outcome of that are the lyrics and, to be specific, Lament.

Do you consider yourself as a Chaosopher ? A Satanist (if the word is not severely overused)?

Considering, that Chaosophy itself has seemed to be the best reflection of my own beliefs and undoubtedly will remain in that – yes. Then, having distinguished being a real Satanist from being a poser just to sell oneself – I can admit that I am the first of those two.

During the last decade, the current 218 (Chaosophy) became hype and trendy, both in the different styles of Metal and in the LHP. What do you think about this development and more generally of contemporary developments of Chaosophy, new books, new authors, etc. ?

Frankly speaking, I hate trends and hypes. Especially if they appear in closed, elite and intellectual societies. It might be the pejorative overtone of « trend », though I’d rather refer to it as « seeking ». The basis of the Current has already been laid, what we experience now are varying interpretations, which was inevitable to occur. Unless it differs widely, I am positive about looking for the ‘right way’.

From a personal point of view, what was your first contact with the world of esotericism? And what are your beliefs today?

My first contact with esotericism was when I realized, that Dissection is not only about the music, but something fairly greater. Developing the investigation I became extraordinarily interested in the person of Jon Andreas Nödtveidt, which – long story short – caused me to find myself studying Liber Azerate and performing my very first rituals. Now I would rather rename beliefs to way of life. I got used to working with certain divine beings, so Lament also corresponds to experiences related to them.

A question I really like to ask to my interviews victims: between all the magical and mystical experiences you have lived, what is the one that impressed you the most – if you agree to talk about it?

My devotion to Lucifer. I work with Him for I promised I will seek gnosis. Having experienced a strong feeling of presence embracing me after one of the first rituals, I am impressed that it lasts. Especially when I compose, then it even intensifies to become almost carnal.

How do you see the future of your artistic projects, at short and long term?

I’d like to see the future, but for the time being I cannot (laugh). Now I focus on rehearsals with 3 musicians, that is Konrad – responsible for drums, Deimos – guitar plus backing vocals and Aidan – bass. I would like Lament to perform live and provide the audience with pure, unspoiled feeling of grief and specific perception of dark beauty. This is short term. The future remains uncovered, but I hope I will eventually release gathered occult poems both in Polish and English.

We can therefore expect to see Lament on stage? How do you envisage the atmosphere of the concert?

It is more than probable, I’d say, since we’ve already started rehearsing. Speaking about the atmosphere… I envisage the act of playing live not only to be a concert, but specific and unique performance. The details are to be established, but I think you can expect to see hooded figures on stage, veiled with smoke before the small altar of candles.. I aim to provide with a profound experience, not only music.

One last thing to deliver? A note for the Rat Holes readers?

Always be faithful to your own beliefs and ideology. Don’t stop the pursuit of the beauty hidden in darkness, for if the desire is so great, the prize shall be even greater if you carry on with your own development, based on it. Thank you for the interview, Ave Ain.

Thank you for the answers ! :- )

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